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Direct contact

B2SPEAK puts you into direct contact with the speaker. We have consciously eliminated the needless expense of intermediaries, and thereby communication misunderstandings as well.


B2SPEAK annually donates 5% of its marging to YouthStart. You will therefore be contributing to encouraging underprivileged youth to believe in themselves, and giving them the courage to speak before an audience.

Quality over quantity

B2SPEAK  carefully vets its speakers against the most stringent standards. We attach more importance to the quality of our speakers than to the number of speakers in our database.

A speaker for every current issue

B2SPEAK closely monitors market trends and requirements in order to ensure that we have an inspiring speaker for each relevant topic.


B2SPEAK makes your voice count. Your assessment helps us maintain the top level that we guarantee our clients.

Best price

B2SPEAK keeps down its overhead costs to an absolute minimum, thereby ensuring that we offer unmatchable rates and terms for our speakers.

Quality over quantity

If your name is on our B2SPEAK website, it means that you are amongst the top keynote speakers, and have succesfully fulfilled very strict selection criteria. People will be highly inspired by the content of the story and the way you narrate it.

No cure, no pay

At B2SPEAK, you don’t pay anything as a speaker. You pay nothing for the entire selection process, posting on your profile, the promotion we do, or the links we provide – until you a deal with the client.

Sophisticated promotion

B2SPEAK constantly invests in sophisticated digital strategies, online marketing, and targeted advertisements, in order to heighten the chance that a speaking engagement will be booked in your name.

High fee through low commissions

B2SPEAK only charges 15% commission on your fee once you have made a booking. We are able to charge such low commissions because of our high efficiency and thanks to our efforts to keep our overheads down to an absolute minimum.

No misunderstandings

As soon as a company shows interest in you, we put you into direct contact with them. This allows you to set up your own agreements, with them, and minimises the chance of possible misunderstandings.


B2SPEAK annually donates 5% of iets margin to YouthStart. Each booking therefore encourages underprivileged youth to have courage and faith in themselves enough to ultimately take the plunge and address an audience themselves.

No exclusivity

B2SPEAK believes in relationships founded on trust, and expects that speakers who use our platform and benefit from our continious promotion efforts will never have to quote a price lower than the price quoted by them on our platform.

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