Trainer/coach personal and intuitive development, consumer insights consultant, author, speaker and director of TwinQ insights & inspiration: the key to your target group and yourself.

Key words: enthusiastic, pure, driven, inspiring, curious, open, analytical, no-nonsense and direct. She combines marketing, psychology, intuition and creativity with a touch of humour.

Angela Weghorst (1971) studied Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology and then spent more than ten years studying energy reading & intuitive development (EKV Margriet van Bentem). For twenty years she supported companies and organizations in finding the unique essence and strength of their marketing propositions. First as a marketer (a.o. responsible for Maxi-Cosi) and then as a research-based marketing-/consumer insights consultant specialized in children and young people, brand positioning and concept development.

Do who you are:
Over the past ten years, Angela has specialised more and more in identifying the unique essence and strength of people. She has developed her own visions, methods, programs and TwinQ Personality Profiles.

“I am convinced that when we make use of everyone’s full potential, everyone’s unique passions and talents, together we can make the world a better place. For now and later. My passion & desire is to be able to touch and inspire as many people as possible so they (re)discover their own essence & strength, remember what their unique place is in the whole and successfully do who they are”.

In addition, in 2016 Angela wrote the book ‘Different: the real story of Generation Zenz, the 5- to 25-year-olds of today’. This book is based on a large-scale survey amongst four thousand children, adolescents, (young) adults and their parents and gives you a glimpse straight into their hearts.

“Everyone is different. My dream is that everyone can be themselves, just the way they are and not a modified version like (we think) others want us to be. Over the past ten years I have had countless personal conversations with children, adolescents, (young) adults and parents. And what touched me again and again was the underlying conviction of many, namely: ‘I am different from others… so less’.

Angela Weghorst is an inspiring and passionate keynote speaker who knows how to touch. Her lectures are inspiring and direct and make a deep impression.

Languages: Dutch, English
Average duration lectures: 1,5 hours
Expert in: Work-Life Balance, Business Spirituality/Ethics, Human Resource Management, Inspiration and Motivation, Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship, Education, Personal effectiveness, Personal development, Change management

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Content of the lectures

Personal leadership = Do who you are
What is the similarity between people that are successful? They do who they are. They coincide with themselves. There is no difference between ‘who am I’, ‘what do I want’ and ‘what do I have to offer’. They are not troubled by their rattling brain that tends to render reality just a little less rosy. But, in addition to their ‘common sense’, they are guided by their inner wisdom that goes beyond knowledge. In an inspiring way, Angela lets you experience the similarity between successful brands and people: one is created on deep insight into the target group and the other on deep insight into oneself. In doing so, she shows you that what you like to do most is of great influence on who you are. That everyone has a mask, why and what elements these masks consist of. She shows you why you react the way you react to yourself and others. She inspires, stimulates and invites you to look at yourself and to experience that every disadvantage actually has its advantage. This lecture is a unique experience after which you will undoubtedly look at yourself in a different way, as well as at the others.

The real story of Generation Zenz: the 5 to 25-year-olds of today
Angela takes you into their world, to whom they really are and not what they show to the outside world at school, on the street or through social media. Here they often show an adapted version of themselves, out of fear of exclusion or to be different from others. She shows what it is like to be a ten-year-old or a sixteen-year-old, addresses the differences between boys and girls and the most important players in their lives. Today’s 5- to 25-year-olds do not only feel different, they also have a different outlook on life and want to do things differently than previous generations. Generation Zenz is sensitive and intuitive and believes authenticity and justice are more important than money, status and power. It is a generation that is often misunderstood, but all the more often labeled with labels such as ADHD, Autism, etc. This lecture is highly recommended for anyone who is privately or professionally interested in this remarkable generation. Through the many insights, practical guidelines and personal examples you will not just get to know them better, but you will also understand and appreciate them.

You can also book a keynote in combination with the book ‘Anders’ (in Dutch) for all attendees. These books are not only a reminder of the lecture, but also a reference to learn more about this special generation as well as about yourself.

Language: Dutch, English
Fee: € 2500 (Excluding VAT)
Average duration: 1,5 hours


Besides workshops, trainings and lectures, Angela is also available as chairman of the day. In an inspiring and somewhat humorous way, she knows how to announce speakers (such as at the annual Happinez Festival) or to guide interviews/group discussions. For the latter, she uses her extensive experience as an interviewer (of numerous qualitative market research studies), which enables her to always get just a little deeper than the interviewee expects…

Fee: on request


Unbelievable what that woman can do in such a short time

Inspiring, enthusing and gripping. A story that has certainly touched me...

Bright, clear, inspiring, humorous and pure through which it really comes in.

So nice to get the confirmation I've been feeling about this generation for years. Thank you!

I've been laughing and crying at the same time. An impressive experience.

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