Christine Wittoeck is the founder and director of Digital Detox Academy. Fascinated by behavior and behavioral change, Christine sees her mission in raising public awareness about controlling our own behavior. Behavior that influences us every day. More specifically, she wants to make everyone aware digital tools are also under our behavioral control. We live in a digital world, but it should not cause stress! With more than 25 years of experience in international companies such as IT specialist, sales and in marketing, Christine is an expert in this field.

At the end of 2010, Christine Wittoeck was diagnosed with “burnout”. Three years later, she began a new career, had a deeper vision of her talents and passions and a great significance in life. She is an entert (r) ainer and digital detox coach. She is the driving force behind Digital Detox Academy®. She believes that we can manage digital communication in a healthy and conscious way. With her speeches and workshops, she provides ideas and tools to get work done, to create an own ideal digital framework in which happiness and pleasure are at the center. She wants to facilitate digital well-being in teams and companies with concrete, practical and interactive courses and courses. The Digital Detox Academy was born from Christine’s personal experience as a professional, as she knows from her own background that it is crucial to transform Digital Unrest into Digital Comfort. Passionate about entertainment, training, coaching and personal development, she involves her audience in everything she does … with a lot of fire and the necessary amount of humor.

With Christine as a speaker, you are assured of a lively conference. Your audience will learn to understand the impact of digital work in a humorous way. Punctuated with relevant tips and inspiring examples, participants return home motivated to take action and improve digital comfort.

Languages: Dutch, French, English
Average duration lectures: 20 – 80 minutes
Expert in: digital detox, deconnecting, workable work, stress and burnout prevention, mental well-being
Topics: Work-Life Balance, Communication, Digital Detox, Human Resource Management, Personal effectiveness, Smarter working

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Content of the lecutres

Slave or master of digital work?
Can we avoid: infobesitas (information overload, FOMO (fear of missing), Facebook addict, Internet distraction, e-mail transfer, etc.)? Christine makes you aware of the pitfalls of digital work in a humorous way and gives you practical advice on how to use digital tools effectively without becoming a slave.

Accessibility in the 21st Century: Do’s and Don’ts!
There are often many expectations and assumptions about being accessible at this time. With this conference, your audience will receive tips and tricks for optimal digital comfort in professional life.

Etiquette in digital work
How do we deal with digital communication? Sometimes we forget that this is communication between people and not between machines. What guidelines and agreements can ensure that digital communication is also effective? What “label” can we use to work digitally?

Languages: Dutch, French, English
Fee: € 1000 (Excluding VAT)
Average duration: 20 – 80 minutes


Smarter than your smartphone
your smartphone rings, seeks constant attention and is a seductive seducer for distraction. How is this relationship with your smartphone and how can we silence its seduction techniques? (Min. 8 p, max 16 participants, € 1000 excluding VAT)


During the session “Smarter than your smartphone” we were gently confronted with our own digital time usage. The participants effectively made their smartphone tingle poorer and each went to work to tackle their temptation to distract themselves! Thanks to Christine my smartphone “shouts” much less, Ihave less “online” time loss, more time for the things that give me fulfilment and I enjoy the small and big things online and off-line even more. Thanks Christine!

Carla Van Dijck

I followed this digital detox trajectory with some reserve. Still it became a reality check. Although I was (and still am) convinced that I was not addicted, it offered me a lens to analyze my own smartphone behavior, and still detect some very useful working points. Christine is experience expert and you can feel that, also in her book “Start to Digital Detox”, which is very accessible and not pedantic.

Prof. Dr. Lieven DemarezResearch Director iMinds

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