Maartje Wolff is an advanced speaker, trainer and consultant in the field of organizational culture, happiness at work, purpose and storytelling, strategy and internal communication. After studying Communication (HEAO) and Culture Organisation and Management (VU), she works for years in corporate journalism and internal communication. Until 2014, together with Fennande van der Meulen, she establishes Happy Office to make happinessat work normal in organizations. Changing organizational behavior is central to this. “Often managers and employees think a subject like culture elusive and abstract, but I think you can influence and steer it”. On behalf of Happy Office Maartje and Fennande provide inspiration sessionsand workshops and they support organizations over longer periods of time in cultural changes. Happy Office is one of the thought leaders and forerunners in the field of happiness at work and organizational culture and was one of the first in the Netherlands to develop a four-day, in-depth training to become an expert in happiness at work. Maartje and Fennande are busy writing a book about happiness@work, personal leadership and organizational culture that will be published in September 2020.

Maartje’s lectures have a scientific background and a practical approach. “It’s all about doing things for more happiness and I’m happy to provide the tools for that. She acquired her knowledge of positive psychology at the Rendement van Geluk (Erasmus), during the training for Happy Work Coach (Gelukkig Werken Academie – Onno Hamburger) and during the training for Chief Happiness Officer (Woohoo INC. Denmark). She combines this scientific basis with extensive practical experience in developing and facilitating workshops, training courses and in-company programs. In addition, she speaks regularly at conferences in the Netherlands and abroad. As Happy Office she is the initiator of The International Week of Happiness at Work.

Languages: Dutch, English
Average duration of lecture: 1 – 2 hours
Expert in: Happiness@work, personal leadership and organisational culture
Topics: balance, life, work, HRM, Inspiration and motivation, leadership, management, entrepreneurship, personal effectiveness, personal development, psychology, collaborate, work smarter, social innovation, teambuilding, change management

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Content of the lectures

Introduction Happiness@Work
Interactive and energetic lecture about happiness@work, in which we discuss different aspects of this topic. What is the situation in the Netherlands and the rest of the world? Why is happiness@work so important and what does it yield? What is job satisfaction according to science (definition + pillars of job satisfaction)? What is the difference between happiness@work and job satisfaction? What contributes the most? Who is responsible? What can you do tomorrow to increase your happiness@work? Practical ideas and tips for immediate application.

The power of Purpose
Purpose is about why you get out of bed every morning. Why do you do what you do? What do people in the organization really think is important? And what is your reason for being? These questions are central during this interactive lecture. Having a clear and shared goal is essential for job success and organizational success. When employees know the purpose of their organization and feel connected to it, they are more involved and passionate. The topics are: The meaning of work and how a strong purpose contributes to happiness@work. The business case of purpose + inspiring examples. How organizations and employees can find and live their purpose. After this interactive and inspiring lecture, participants will have practical tools to get started.

Flourishing during change processes
This lecture makes you think about your own mindset. How do you create more or how do you keep your work happiness during change processes? In addition, you will be given tools to change your own behavior and to help others change their behavior. The lecture contains several exercises and discusses what mindset is and why it is important. What motivates people? Which mindset contributes to your success? How can you involve people and how do you initiate change?

Languages: Dutch, Engelish
Fee: € 1500 – 2000 (excl. VAT)
Average duration of lectures: 1 – 2 uur

Content of the workshops

Happiness@Work in Teams
Happy people perform better. This is important for employees and for organizations. This workshop is intended as a first step towards more happiness@work in organizations. During this practical introduction, participants get a good idea of what happiness@work means and what you can do as an individual or as an organization to increase happiness@work. Based on theoretical insights, scientific research, figures, best practices and fun exercises, participants lay a solid foundation to get to work on happiness@work themselves and with each other. The result of the workshop is an action plan to get started as a team.

Workshop Write your Team Manifesto
What is the purpose of your organization? What value does your team or department add for whom? And how do you contribute to the organization’s purpose and objectives? Many teams and departments struggle with this issue. Finding, articulating and shaping your purpose and values gives clarity and leads to more happiness@work. In this workshop teams formulate their purpose, values and corresponding behavior. After the workshop the participants have a useful document that provides guidelines for how they can work together happily as a team.

Workshop Personality Poker
Nobody’s the same and nobody gets happy from the same things. We all know that and yet, at work, we seem to forget it. How do you help each other create more happiness at work if you don’t know what makes another person happy? In the first place by understanding who your colleagues are and what contributes to their happiness at work. And that’s exactly what Personality Poker is all about. In this workshop, you’ll get to know each other even better and talk about what makes you happy at work.

Workout Happiness with Lego Serious Play
Children like to play with Lego; for a reason. Playing with Lego appeals to different senses and different parts of the brain and leads to more creativity. This goes also for adults. In the workshop Happiness@Work with Lego Serious Play teams look for what they can do to increase their happiness. What does your team, department or organization look like when happiness@work is central? And what can you do to achieve that?

Workshop Mindset, Behaviour and Habits
Would you like to experience more meaning, connection, progress and pleasure in your work? Then you have to do things that make you happy. In the workshop Mindset, Behavior & Habits participants learn how these concepts can influence their happiness@work and how they can change behavior and habits in small steps. After the workshop the participants have enough ideas and possibilities to put into practice.

Fee: € 2500 – 3000 (excl. TAV)
Average duration of workshops: 4 hours


In the run up to every International week of Happiness at Work, we conduct research to the state of happiness at work in the Netherlands and abroad. One of the results of this study in 2019 is that attention to happiness at work pays off. In organizations where they pay attention to this topic, people are happier in general. And when people are happy at work, they are healthier, more vital and a nicer person overall. In addition, happy employees work better together, are more creative, involved and productive. In short, by focusing more on happiness at work, people and organizations flourish and the world will be a better place.

Besides chairman and interviewer, Maartje is also experienced as a facilitator. Specifically in the field of Open Space Technology (Unconference) and Lego Serious play.

Fee chairman of the day, facilitator and interviewer: € 2500 – 5000 (excl. TAV)


This workshop has brought me much more than I had thought or expected beforehand! Partly because of the enthusiastic trainer Maartje is. I am very enthusiastic. It is an excellent mix of theory and practice, you can use everything right away!

Maartje creates a very nice atmosphere. She's got a lot of experience and can get the story across

Maartje is a warm personality and her story inspires you to work with happiness in your own organization.

Maartje knows how to create a very good atmosphere and a lot of security from the start.

This is great for everybody who wants to learn more about Happiness @ Work. Especially also for HR professionals. Maartje Wolff is a great leader of this journey.

The personal and committed guidance of Maartje completes the course.

Maartje shares all her knowledge, expertise and concrete tools in a pleasant and open atmosphere with a lot of room for discussions and exercises. Therefor what she has taught me also sticks

First of all, thank you very much for your excellent story about happiness @ work. I am very happy about the workshop and I get good feedback from my colleagues

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