CEO of Brain @ Trust, honorary Governor National Bank Belgium.

Crystal clear about the global economy, leadership and psychodynamics.

Exceptional Woman of the Year – Get out of your Comfort Zone – Believe in Yourself – Do your best and let go

Be economical

Marcia grew up in a close-knit family with 5 children and experienced for a long time what being economical means.  All possible parties were celebrated as a family with garden vegetables and fruit.  She did not know her paternal grandparents.  They were “brick bakers” in clay pits of the Ruppel valley when work was paid for in kind.  Her father was an afterthought in a family of 7, half orphaned as a 10 year old. His cousins ​​called him “uncle” while they were his age.  Marcia has tasted that dire poverty in the Ruppel region as a child.  Her maternal grandmother, a widow asked, lived with them.  Dementia attacked her in her seventies and the family bore that burden for 9 years.  Piano, youth movement and volleyball team MSiks kept Marcia off the street.

Money, money, money

Her brother-in-law inspired her to study about money: “I can do as much as the boys”, her Pa had instilled in her: applied economics at the University of Antwerp, then with only a handful of girl students, masters in economics at the University of Chicago  and a PhD in economics in Antwerp stemmed from her ambition. She then taught at the Universities of Antwerp, Amsterdam, Boston University, Solvay Brussels Business School and DAOHE university, Shanghai.  Later she was the first to receive the prestigious “Alumnus of the Year” prize from her Alma Mater.

Communication, her secret weapon

An interview about international labor market policy, commissioned by the Dutch authorities, and after thorough communication training, made her known through the newspaper De Standaard.  Wilfried Martens, then Prime Minister of Belgium, immediately recruited her.  Unforgettable experiences such as her first competition law in Parliament, Davos World Economic Forum and G-7 meetings in Venice with Ronald Reagan, Margareth Thatcher, Francois Mitterand, Jacques Delors followed.  Communication and policy formulation matched her personality perfectly.

The National Bank of Belgium

In 1988, she joined the National Bank as spokesperson and chief of staff of the Governor.  The Bank needed the same openness as the government.  She participated in heroic projects such as the modernization of the Belgian government effects with road shows to London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Taipe and Brunei;  the creation of a large Belgian bank, the linking of the Belgian Franc to the Deutsche Mark, the sale of more than 200 tonnes of gold in preparation for the Belgian participation in the euro in 1999, the Global Plan of Jean-Luc Dehaene.  Later, the introduction of the euro banknotes and the takeover of bank regulation after the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. After 30 years of career, of which 20 years as a member of the Executive Committee, Marcia left the Bank in 2018 for her new project.

Exceptional Woman of the Year

She received a special recognition for her career and her promotion work for women in our society in 2011 when the Belgian Government honored her with the special title of “Exceptional Woman of the Year” in the Senate.  She was co-founder of, among others, Women for the Economy and Society (France) and Women in Finance in Belgium.  She put her shoulders behind numerous initiatives that promote women’s rights.  On this she brought numerous national and international keynotes.

Brain @ Trust

In 2018 she launches her own company Brain @ Trust, which, among other things, is developing an app with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to map conscious and unconscious motivations of people. In the meantime, she followed an Executive Master in Change program at the internationally renowned business school INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.  Her thesis topic deals with the psychodynamics of start-up leaders.  These themes are also the subject of her keynotes and workshops.
Economic topics about the evolutions in the global economy, leadership experience and psychodynamic analyzes are keynote material that Marcia manages to entwine into a fascinating whole with a great deal of enthusiasm and clarity.

Languages: Dutch, French, English
Average duration of lecture: 45 – 60 minutes
Expert in: macroeconomics, banking, psychodynamics
Topics: Governance, Policy, Politics, Economy and Finance, leadership, management, Entrepreneurship, Personal effectiveness, Psychology, Team building, Change management

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Content of the lectures

Brain @ trust – Themes for keynotes

  1. We all have blind spots. the stunning Psychodynamic Paradigm that you didnot know drives you.
  2. Rationality is an illusion. All the biases that upset your rational mind.
  3. The do-it-yourself transition: can you cross the Rubicon or do conflicting commitments stop you from doing so?
  4. What do you see in the world around you when looking through the lenses of behavioural economics and psychodynamics?
  5. Parrhesia, trust and fair leadership: why is it so important and yet so difficult to use it?
  6. The world economy: what did you expect?
  7. the threat of secular stagnation: is the Japanese model our faith?
  8. European and Belgian socio-economic tendencies: opportunities and threats.
  9. The trade war between USA and China and the Brexit consequences for Continental
  10. De-globalisation and its consequences for economic welfare and growth in the world and
  11. Leadership in Change Processes: what values will lead the next generation of leaders? What is the difference between being an analytical leader and an adaptive leader? Why does it matter? What are the charasteristics of succesful teams for the future? Each leader has a dark side. Do you recognize it? Do you deal with it? Succession planning for business and family business: when to start it? How to succeed it? Fair leadership process: why does it matter? Does it exist in your organization? Why not?
  12. What drives you really? Your psychodynamic motivations: how to bring your unconscious iceberg into your consciousness?
  13. the Psychodynamic profiling of Start-Up leaders. Are you one of them? Or no thanks?
  14. Female leadership: your strenghts and challenges, your growth potential.
  15. Are you an effective Board Member or not really?

Languages: Dutch, French, English
Fee: € 2400 (excluding VAT)
Average duration: 45 – 60 minutes



Fee: € 3500 (excluding VAT)


An enlightening insight into the dangers and challenges of tomorrow, thoroughly substantiated with figures and brought by someone who has sat in the highest regions of the power center.

Rik TobbackChairman, Antwerp One World, Rotary Belgium

I have never heard an annual report from the National Bank as crystal clear as by Marcia De Wachter.

Rik Van CauwelaertSenior Columnist, De Tijd

Trend analysis, coaching and public keynotes, helping others to be successful in their careers and in their personal lives, seems to me to be a logical choice for Marcia, given her social sensitivity and empathy for others. She builds on her strengths and her desire to help others.

Nicholas Steenbergen

Successful living and working for Marcia is based on 4 pillars: the right dose of passion, talent and perseverance, the right people in the right place, the right size of the project you are working on and the right focus.

Patrick NijsFormer Ambassador of Belgium to China

Marcia is someone who knows what she is talking about and what she wants. She gives her opinion, but in a gentle way. It gives people opportunities to grow.

Kristine De MeyNational Bank of Belgium

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