Tom Meyers was born in Antwerp, Belgium (1970). After training as a chef, he travelled the world and worked as a waiter and sommelier in hotels and on Cunard’s flagship the ‘Queen Elizabeth 2’.

At 29 he started his own business, a gourmet deli – which failed and led him into an existential crisis, wanting to give up on life. Three questions saved his life, gave him a sense of purpose and helped him become the person he was born to be.

Today, Tom is an osteopath with a private practice in Brussels, a forward thinker, keynote speaker, author of “Futurize Yourself” and the founder of the ‘Reaset Approach’, a novel body-mind and educational approach for the stress and change-related health challenges of today.

Languages: Dutch, English, French
Average duration of lecture: 15 – 90 min.
Expert in: impact of emerging technologies on health and well-being
Topics: Work-Life Balance, Business Spirituality/Ethics, Inspiration and Motivation, Lifestyle, People and society, Personal effectiveness, Personal development, Team building, Trend watching, Change management

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Content of the lecture

Futurize Yourself – The Future is Now, Are you Ready?
We are living in an amazing time in human history, a time where a new emerging technologies are fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In it’s scale, scope, and complexity, this transformation is unlike anything humankind has experienced before. Although rapid technological change will bring along opportunities for everyone it will also bring about new challenges to the foundations of our existence: health and well-being in body, mind and spirit, our economy, relationships and environment.

Empowering employees to futurize themselves and navigate these changes will be key for their health but also the health of the organisation and society.

Topics that will be covered during the presentation:

– Why is future thinking an important subject for you and why should you care about it right now?
– How are emerging technologies and digitalisation impacting (y)our health and well-being?
– What can we or you do to Futurize (Y)ourself and evolve on purpose to navigate the changes ahead with resilience?

Choose the emphasis of the presentation
– Change Management
– Stress Management
– Personal Development

Languages: Dutch, French, English
Fee: € 1500 (excluding VAT)
Average duration: 15 – 90 min.


Tom's passion for his job and topic are overwhelming. He is somebody who is able to combine scientific facts, and translate it into 'human language'! His presentations are not only very inspiring but most of all educational and thought-provoking!

Michel TrochEvent Manager

I want to thank you for the representation and writing such a wonderful book. I read it this week-end and managed to shed a tear, probably because I have empathy but also because I could relate to what you have been through, trying to discover your inner self along the way. I too at a certain time went to see an astrologer to understand how I was functioning, and was eager to progress with workshops on personal development. It helps to find people who can confirm your findings are not unrealistic, but genuine. It was interesting to see your viewpoint for the future and the importance of being present in a changing environment during your talk. I wish you all the success you deserve, and that you contribute to the change in people's attitude to one another. Best wishes.

Muriel Lowe

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